Problems that should be paid attention to when replacing the new hydraulic gear pump:


  1. Do not add load immediately after the hydraulic gear pump is started:


After the hydraulic gear pump is started, it must be idling for a period of time without load (about 10 minutes to 30 minutes), especially when the temperature is very low, it must go through the warm-up process to make the hydraulic circuit circulate normally and add preload, and confirm the operation status.


  1. Pay attention to the noise of the hydraulic gear pump:


The new hydraulic gear pump has less initial wear and is easily affected by air bubbles and dust. Poor lubrication at high temperatures or overloaded operating conditions will cause adverse consequences and cause abnormal effects on the hydraulic gear pump.


  1. Pay attention to observe the action of the machine (for the modified pump):


Improper design of the hydraulic circuit or poor manufacturing of the components are not easy to find in the initial use stage, so special attention should be paid to the act states that appear under various conditions of use.


  1. Pay attention to checking the display value of the counter class:


Observe the display value of the pressure gauge of the hydraulic circuit, the vibration status, and stability of the pressure switch light signal at any time, so as to find out whether the hydraulic circuit is functioning properly as soon as possible.


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