There has never been a better time to buy sex toys and vibrators to use with your partner. Whether you want to add some freshness to your bedroom or are just curious, there are plenty of options out there. Sex toys for couples not only offer enticing benefits, both physical and mental, such as increased mutual intimacy and stronger orgasms, but more importantly, they’re fun! Whether you choose one of the best vibrators, like the Love Egg, or an app-controlled device, bringing them into the bedroom can enhance your overall experience.

To help you find the right option in the process, we conducted in-depth research and testing. Our test panel of more than 120 members evaluated a range of couples vibrators on everything from cost to battery power, clitoral accuracy, size, weight, vibration speed and overall feel-good factor. Whether you're looking for a new experience or just curious to try it out, let us provide you with expert guidance to ensure you choose the best sex toy for you and your partner.

4 Tips Before buying vibrator

First is the size. Make sure you check the size of your vibrator to make sure you are happy with it. Sometimes a vibrator can be larger or smaller than you first thought, so make sure the size you choose suits your needs and that you like the way it looks.

Next is settings, speed and power. Check out the range of settings and speeds your vibrator offers, as well as how it's powered. Most sex toys these days are USB rechargeable, but there are also some that run on batteries. Before purchasing, make sure you check out these settings so you can choose a vibrator that suits your preferences and needs.

Another consideration is noise levels. If you're concerned about being eavesdropped, investing in a silent vibrator might be a good option. You can check the product description to find out the decibel level of your vibrator. Generally, any sound of 40 decibels or less is considered unusually quiet.

Finally, it’s also important to consider the material the vibrator is made of. Silicone is a common choice because of its soft touch and safety on the skin. Many well-known brands use “medical-grade silicone,” which tends to rank higher in terms of comfort. On the other hand, skin-friendly rubber, which is softer and more flexible, is also an option. Make sure the material you choose meets your comfort and safety standards.

How to choose a couples vibrator

When choosing a couples vibrator, it is important to consider the preferences and needs of both partners, as well as the functionality and design features of the sex toy.

First up are clitoral stimulation vibrators, which come in a variety of designs including wands, bullets, pebbles, tongues and even lipsticks that focus on direct stimulation of the clitoris. Due to their small size, many can be used during sex and are ideal for sharing between partners.

Next are classic vibrators, usually in the shape of a longer penis, designed for penetration and external stimulation. Similar to this are rabbit vibrators, which in addition to being insertable, add a clitoral stimulator along the shaft, often in the shape of bunny ears, to provide a richer experience.

Wearable vibrators are another option, especially suitable for partnered sex. They include remote-controlled and app-controlled toys such as finger vibrators, vibrating briefs, strap-ons and vibrating cock rings, offering more interactivity and innovative features.

Additionally, G-spot vibrators focus on stimulating a woman’s G-spot, which is achieved through its curved tip. This type of sex toy can provide women with a more intense internal stimulation experience.

Magic Flamingo

 Magic Flamingo

$99.00 USD

The Magic Flamingo is the highest-scoring sex toy we’ve ever tested, and for good reason. Our panelists were impressed with the range of speed settings available for experimentation and the unique vibration pattern, which allowed them to climax faster and more intensely than with other toys.

The controls are easy to operate and easy to use, and the long battery life won't let you down. It's on the larger side, but if you have the space in your bedside drawer then we recommend treating yourself to this.

Magic Sundae

Magic Sundae

$59.00 USD

Our panel loved this vibrating egg's remote control, which allows your partner to join in and adjust settings. It also helped most testers achieve more intense orgasms. It also has a smart mode that automatically vibrates from start to climax so you don't have to worry about changing settings.

This is a good option for couples in a long-distance relationship, as the partner can operate the settings with the help of the Magic Motion APP on their smartphone. Our testers found it offered a completely different experience compared to other vibrators on the market and said it was beautifully designed.

Finally, there are vibrating love balls, also known as Kegel balls, designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Although originally designed for exercise, many people also use it as part of a couple's sex routine to spice things up.

Crystal Duo

Crystal Duo

$87.40 USD

Kegel balls, also known as vibrating love balls, are a sex toy used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These ball-shaped devices are designed to perform Kegel exercises, an exercise method that can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel balls are usually made of silicone or plastic and have a smooth surface that makes them easy to insert. They usually have a cord or cord to make insertion and removal easier.

When exercising with a Kegel ball Crystal Duo, the user maintains the position of the ball in the body by contracting the pelvic floor muscles, which can increase the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles. At the same time, the design of Kegel balls can also provide additional stimulation and increase fun during use.

In addition to being used as exercise tools, Kegel balls are also used by some people as sex toys, especially during partnered sex. Due to their spherical design and vibrating capabilities, Kegel balls can provide extra stimulation and pleasure, adding some fun to a couple's relationship.